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Incentive Details

From Wednesday 22nd June, exact start time will be announced in Discord, until Friday 24th June 14:00 UTC, a new incentive will run on Fairground.

The incentive will be focused on rewards on multiple markets and assets, rewards are distributed to users that are Providing Liquidity to and or Trading on specific markets in order to incentivise trading volume, which for this incentive is the BTCUSD, UNIDAI Monthly and AAVEDAI market.

For the ones that have been with us for a while you get the opportunity to use many of the skills you have acquired during the past months' incentives, this time, however, LP and Trading leaderboard is not based on the PNL of trading but rather the rewards received by doing so.

Reward assets

The leaderboard will be based on 3 different types of rewards which are combined for the ranking. Please note that the leaderboard is a bit mixed up so you will need to strategize a bit to end up at the right spot. Below can see the three fee categories, and any participant who, for example, places a market order that is filled, will receive a proportion of the reward amount available for that fee.

Important to note is that there are 3 markets that are sharing the same reward pools. You can see the size of each pool and how to receive that reward below.

$MAK: Obtained based on the sum of maker fees received on the BTC/USD, UNI/DAI Monthly and AAVE/DAI market.

$TAK: Obtained based on the sum of maker fees paid on the BTC/USD, UNI/DAI Monthly and AAVE/DAI market.

$LIQ: Obtained based on the sum of liquidity fees received on the BTC/USD, UNI/DAI Monthly and AAVE/DAI market.

During the incentive, when you participate in trades in accordance with the above criteria, you will be able to see that your assets $MAK, $TAK and $LIQ will increase a few times per day. The leaderboard ranking is based on the total amount of acquired $MAK, $TAK and $LIQ ($MAK + $TAK + $LIQ), so even if you are not able to provide liquidity, you are still able to compete.

The reward pool setup for each market is the following:

BTCUSD, UNIDAI Monthly and AAVEDAI market reward pool sizes

  1. $MAK:1000
  2. $TAK:1000
  3. $LIQ:1000

How to participate in the incentive

I: Register and faucet the required assets

  1. Create a Vega wallet by following these instructions. In case you have never taken part in Vega incentives you will need to register for incentives.

  2. Join Discord and follow the @vegaprotocol Twitter account, like and retweet the rewards tweet
  3. Get some Ropsten ETH by using the faucet .
  4. Faucet and deposit tUSDC, tEURO, tDAI which is required to be able to provide liquidity to and trade on the markets.
  5. After having completed the steps above you are ready to take part in the incentive!

II: Trade on the AAVE, BTCUSD and/or UNIDAI market:

  1. Start trading and be the price maker, on one or more of the specified markets using the Vega Console or API.

III: Trade on the AAVE, BTCUSD and/or UNIDAI market:

  1. Start trading and be the price taker, on the specified markets using the Vega Console or API.

IV: Liquidity provision:

  1. Setup and run your liquidity commitment script via API calls, which documentation can be found on docs.fairground. In case you need further assistance to get you started, we are always available to help in our Discord.

Please have a look at this video to see the detailed instructions:

And more importantly get in touch with us on Discord with all your questions

Hint: Make sure that your configuration includes the correct marketID and credential. The sample API scripts shared are the bare bones for you to start building on, but you'll need to take them further to succeed :)

Please note, if you are using a local CLI wallet, you are required to run version v0.13.1 (or later), as for the Vega Wallet Desktop app v0.1.1 is required. You can download the latest wallet by following these instructions.


130 VEGA
260 VEGA
3100 VEGA
430 VEGA
530 VEGA
6200 VEGA
730 VEGA
830 VEGA
930 VEGA
1030 VEGA
11300 VEGA
1230 VEGA
1330 VEGA
1460 VEGA
15100 VEGA
1630 VEGA
1760 VEGA
1830 VEGA
19250 VEGA
2030 VEGA
2130 VEGA
2230 VEGA
2330 VEGA
24100 VEGA
2530 VEGA
2660 VEGA
2760 VEGA
2860 VEGA
2930 VEGA
3030 VEGA
3160 VEGA
32150 VEGA
3330 VEGA
3430 VEGA
3530 VEGA
36100 VEGA
3730 VEGA
3830 VEGA
3930 VEGA
40100 VEGA
4130 VEGA
4230 VEGA
4360 VEGA
4460 VEGA
4530 VEGA
4660 VEGA
4730 VEGA
4830 VEGA
4930 VEGA
50100 VEGA


After 30th July 2022, winners will be able to get a token claim link by logging onto the token rewards website with the Twitter account used to register for Fairground Incentives (this is the Twitter handle on the list above). You will be asked to confirm your country of residence - unfortunately, those in restricted countries will not be able to claim tokens.

This is a unique, one-time use link, and not specific to any individual so it can be used by anyone to claim tokens. Please treat it with the same security as you would a token. Unfortunately, Vega cannot rectify any mistakes, lost links, or links that have already been used. You know the drill!

All tokens have linear vesting. All tokens, either locked or vested, can be staked on the Vega network once it is live.

Further information

All announcements for this incentivised period will be made via the official Twitter account @Vegaprotcol so make sure you follow to stay up to date. This includes changes, updates and early closing of the period.

Check out the Incentive Terms and Conditions for information related to all incentives.


  • Breaking things is encouraged! Tell us how you broke them and we may give you a tip if it’s found to be a critical bug. Demonstrate exactly how to reproduce it here. Include screenshots/code snippets in as much detail as possible to be eligible for a tip.
  • The Vega project reserves the right to not reward participants that are not participating in the community spirit of the incentive programs i.e. botting to collect as many rewards as possible.
  • In the event of unforeseen issues and/or a network crash (or essential reset) we will either restart the event OR track and reward those that participated successfully. The course of action will depend on the unforeseen issue. If you miss out, don’t worry, there are many more incentives planned for the coming weeks and months.
  • Attempting to create multiple entries by changing twitter handles, having multiple personal accounts, using bot or farmed twitter accounts or by any other means will result in disqualification from this, and any future, incentives.


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Watch a video tutorial
Read the API and tutorials - using Vega’s APIs, REST GRPC and GraphQL


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