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Dodgems — Incentivised Trading Game


A very big thank you to the Vega community for playing the Dodgems and helping us find some great bugs - a bug report will be blogged about soon - it is very much appreciated!

The top 25 traders, taking the token incentives, are:

PositionTraderIncentive (Vega tokens)

Positions 6-25, 200 Vega Tokens each:


Tokens for participating

We have decided to give a bonus of 12 tokens to everyone who wasn’t in the top 25 and who placed an order which was matched (resulting in a trade ... unmatched orders don’t count) on the Dodgems market. To confirm you are included, see the Dodgems leaderboard. The leaderboard is final and no discussion on inclusion or order will be taking place.

How to claim your tokens

[UPDATED 29 JULY 2021] From 20th July - 1st August, Before 3 September 2021 the Twitter account @VegaFairground will DM a token claim link to the Twitter address you used to register for Dodgems (this is the Twitter handle on the leaderboard). You will be asked to confirm your country of residence - unfortunately those in restricted countries will not be able to claim tokens. This includes Residents of the US, Canada and China.*

This is a unique, one time use link, and not specific to any individual so it can be used by anyone to claim tokens. Please treat it with the same security as you would a token. Unfortunately Vega cannot rectify any mistakes, lost links, or links that have already been used. You know the drill!

All tokens - top 25 traders + participation bonus - have a 12 month linear vesting starting on 3rd September 2021. All tokens, either locked or vested, can be staked on the Vega network once it is live.

*Participants from the following countries are excluded from receiving tokens: United States of America, People’s Republic of China, Canada, Burma, Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Syria, Crimea Region, Bangladesh, Bolivia, Sudan, Ecuador, Egypt, Kyrgyzstan, Morocco, Namibia

Dodgems — Incentivised trading game details

On Tuesday 15 June at 10AM UTC, a new incentive will begin on Vega Fairground. The Dodgems market will track the price of a real, but secret, market and will be open for trading for 6 days. The top 25 traders who have the highest balances at the end of the 6 days will be awarded Vega tokens.

The Dodgems trading game is designed to create realistic trading in a testnet environment. By competing in a lifelike market for a share of the VEGA incentives, you’ll learn about Vega and find out first hand what it’s like to trade on Vega markets. The project will also benefit from all the data created, metrics collected, and feedback received, which will help develop and improve the protocol. If we’re really lucky and something goes wrong we might even find and fix some bugs!

How does it work?

You need to sign up to Fairground incentives by tweeting to the Fairground Twitter account @VegaFairground before 9am UTC Tuesday 15 June. Instructions on how to do this are here. Once signed up you will see your Twitter handle on the registrations page, this is the confirmation that you have successfully registered.

At 10am UTC Tuesday 15 June, 10,000 XYZ ALPHA assets will be deposited into your Vega wallet on Fairground. You now have until 9am UTC Monday 21 June to trade your XYZ ALPHA assets on the Dodgems market. The idea is to increase your assets more than any other trader and get to the top of the leaderboard. You can trade using Vega Console or using APIs.

Before the end of the market, you will need to settle all your positions, as open positions won't count towards your total. You'll need to have placed at least one trade to qualify.

Market details

The Dodgems market is based on a real market, the identity of which is being kept hidden. Dodgems market details will be visible though Vega Console and APIs.

All announcements for this market will be made via the Fairground Twitter account @VegaFairground so make sure you follow to stay up to date.


1st place1000 VEGA
2nd place800 VEGA
3rd place600 VEGA
4th place400 VEGA
5th place200 VEGA
6th - 25th200 VEGA each

Top 25 announcement and incentive distribution

The top 25 traders will be announced on the Fairground Twitter account @VegaFairground following the close of the market.

How to enter the competition

To register you will need to tweet a message with a signature from your Vega Wallet. (If you haven’t already, you can either create a hosted wallet or download a local wallet by following these instructions).

Once you have tweeted, your Twitter handle will appear on the registrations page.

Read the full instructions for how to enter on the registration page.


Cheating is encouraged, tell us how you cheated and we may give you a tip. But we expect you to have increased the amount of XYZ ALPHA that you have by trading on the Dodgems market, if you have increased your assets in a way other than trading on the Dodgems market then it may not count.

In the event of unforeseen issues and/or a network crash (or essential reset) we will either restart the event, or track the winners based on the leaderboard at the time.

Only registered participants who have made at least one trade will be eligible to win.


Check out Vega Console (no wallet needed)
Get a hosted wallet (quick start)
Run your own Vega wallet

on Vega

Try it out in your browser with Gitpod
Watch a video tutorial
Read the API and tutorials - using Vega’s APIs, REST GRPC and GraphQL


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