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Part 1: Allocating tokens to wallet

By going through this process you will be allocating your tokens in the vesting contract to your chosen wallet address.

  1. Check @VegaFairground on Twitter for official communication that the rewards are ready to be claimed. You can check Linktree to check all official Vega accounts and sites

  2. Navigate to the Vega rewards site and authenticate using the same Twitter account you used to participate in the incentive

  3. If you are eligible you will be presented with a link, click it and it will take you to a claim page on the Vega Token site

  4. Connect with the Ethereum wallet that you want to control your VEGA tokens with

  5. Follow claim Step 1 from the token claim page: Confirm your country/region (It is not possible to claim tokens if you are a resident/citizen of some countries*)

  6. Follow claim steps 2 and 3 on the token claim page; which both require signing Ethereum transactions

Part 2: Redeeming tokens

Over time the tokens you have been rewarded will vest and become unlocked. If and when you have unlocked tokens you will be able to redeem them to your Ethereum wallet.

  1. Go to token.vega.xyz/vesting

  2. Connect to your Ethereum wallet and you’ll see a summary of all your vesting tokens and details of tranche(s) they are contained in - which will let you know when they unlock

  3. If you have any VEGA tokens in tranches that have partly or fully unlocked you can redeem them by clicking a button on the page. Note that if you have associated any tokens with a Vega wallet/key (for staking or governance) you must dissociate them before redeeming

  4. Sign the redeem transaction with your Ethereum wallet in the pop-up

  5. This will withdraw everything that is unlocked from that tranche

  6. Your tokens can now be freely transferred between Ethereum wallets (remember to add the token address to your wallet so that you can see your VEGA balance)

Token.vega.xyz is the home to all information about your tokens, including staking. Take a look and let us know what you think.


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