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Bug Hunt & Rewards game details

Until Wednesday 2nd of August 10:00 UTC, we will be running an additional rewards game on a freshly upgraded network but this time you are able to run Browser Wallet (Chrome, Firefox)! We’re testing out the feature - iceberg orders. Get involved and learn how to use these orders on the market to win - there’s 1000 $VEGA worth of rewards up for grabs for maker fees and then there is the bughunt!

You can faucet USDC-CE for the New York Temp (3 day avg °C)/USDC-CE market, up to 1000 USDC-CE per day. Just access the console select USDC-CE and click "Get USDC-CE".

The leaderboard is fueled by a reward pool and pays out 1000 ($HEAT) for Maker fees received and 250 ($HEAT) for Maker fees paid every epoch (1 hour). Finding an epoch with fewer traders might give you an edge.

But what is New York Temperature market? Well read about it in the proposal.


Maker leaderboard - Get as much $HEAT as you can: A reward distributed based on the sum of maker fees received on the NYC Celsius/USDC-CE market.

Most $HEAT

PositionPublic keyRewards
1150 VEGA
2100 VEGA
380 VEGA
460 VEGA
560 VEGA
640 VEGA
740 VEGA
840 VEGA
940 VEGA
1040 VEGA
1130 VEGA
1230 VEGA
1330 VEGA
1430 VEGA
1530 VEGA
1620 VEGA
1720 VEGA
1820 VEGA
1920 VEGA
2020 VEGA
2120 VEGA
2220 VEGA
2320 VEGA
2420 VEGA
2520 VEGA

*Please note that if you have not linked your public key to your twitter ID which is described here, by the end of the incentive at the latest, you will not be receiving any reward.

By competing in a lifelike market for a share of the VEGA incentives, you’ll learn about Vega and find out first-hand what it’s like to trade on Vega markets.

In addition to the trading game incentive, we would highly appreciate any bugs or suggestions of improvements to the console to be submitted on github discussions.

The project will also benefit from all the data created, metrics collected, and feedback received, which will help develop and improve the protocol. If we’re really lucky and something goes wrong we might even find and fix some bugs!

How to participate in the incentive game

    All participants

  1. Create a Vega wallet by following these instructions
  2. https://console.fairground.wtf/
  3. Join Discord and follow the @vegaprotocol Twitter account, like and retweet the Iceberg Orders tweet
  4. Start submitting iceberg orders on the NYC Celsius/USDC-CE market using the Console or API. Make sure you use a CLI wallet!
  5. Look for your Vega public key on the leaderboard. Make sure you end up at the top of the leaderboard in order to collect your reward!
  6. For feedback please use github discussions so that we can track it and follow up.

Please note that the following instruction is for testnet only! If you are using a local CLI wallet, you are required to run version v0.72.5 or later, for the desktop wallet v0.12.4 or later and for the Browser Wallet (Chrome, Firefox). You can download the appropriate wallet by following these instructions.

Market details

Market details will be visible through Vega Alpha Console and APIs.

All announcements for this market will be made via the Vega Protocol Twitter account @vegaprotocol so make sure you follow to stay up to date.

Bug hunting

We have set up the Bughunting program to enhance the deployment process by detecting any additional bugs before the final release. As part of this program, rewards will be given based on the severity of the bug and whether it’s related to the Front End or Core.

It is important to note that in order to qualify for the rewards, the reported bugs must be within the defined scope, unique, reproducible, and recorded in Github discussions. If multiple users report the same bug, we will apply a “first come, first served” approach, and the user who reported it first in the Github discussions will be eligible for the reward. Thank you for your participation in helping us identify and eliminate any potential issues.

Bughunt in scope

Front End:

  • Console
  • Desktop Wallet
  • Fairground testnet
  • Webwallet (Chrome, Firefox)
  • CLI Wallet
  • Core:

  • Any bug found on the Core through use of the APIs and the CLI Wallet
  • Out of scope

  • Bugs already recorded in Core known issues
  • Bugs already recorded in Front End known issues
  • Bugs already recorded in Github discussions
  • Bugs found linked to the Governance App
  • Block Explorer
  • Reward structure

    Core0 $VEGA*50 $VEGA**200 $VEGA500 $VEGA
    Front End0 $VEGA*50 $VEGA**150 $VEGA250 $VEGA

    Trivial: The defect does not affect functionality or data. It does not even need a workaround. It does not impact productivity or efficiency. It is merely an inconvenience. Example: Petty layout discrepancies, spelling/grammatical errors.

    Minor: The defect affects minor functionality or non-critical data. It has an easy workaround. Example: A minor feature that is not functional in one module but the same task is easily doable from another module.

    Major: The defect affects major functionality or major data. It has a workaround but is not obvious and is difficult. Example: A feature is not functional from one module but the task is doable if 10 complicated indirect steps are followed in another module/s.

    Critical: The defect affects critical functionality or critical data. It does not have a workaround. Example: Unsuccessful installation, complete failure of a feature.

    *Maximum number of Minor paid is 5 Core and 5 Front End each. If we receive over 5 we will raffle 5 winners in each of those two categories.


    After 25th August 2023, winners will be able to get a token claim link by logging onto the token rewards website with the Twitter account used to register for Fairground Incentives (this is the Twitter handle on the list above). You will be asked to confirm your country of residence - unfortunately, those in restricted countries will not be able to claim tokens.

    This is a unique, one time use link, and not specific to any individual so it can be used by anyone to claim tokens. Please treat it with the same security as you would a token. Unfortunately, Vega cannot rectify any mistakes, lost links, or links that have already been used. You know the drill!

    All tokens have a linear vesting. All tokens, either locked or vested, can be staked on the Vega network once it is live.

    Further information

    All announcements for this incentivised period will be made via the official Fairground Twitter account @VegaFairground so make sure you follow to stay up to date. This includes changes, updates and early closing of the period.

    Check out the Incentive Terms and Conditions for information related to all incentives.


    • Breaking things is encouraged! Tell us how you broke them and we may give you a tip if it’s found to be a critical bug. Demonstrate exactly how to reproduce it here. Include screenshots/code snippets in as much detail as possible to be eligible for a tip.
    • The Vega project reserves the right to not reward participants that are not participating in the community spirit of the incentive programs i.e. botting to collect as many rewards as possible or using an exploit to win an incentive.
    • In the event of unforeseen issues and/or a network crash (or essential reset) we will either restart the event OR track and reward those that participated successfully. The course of action will depend on the unforeseen issue. If you miss out, don’t worry, there are many more incentives planned for the coming weeks and months.
    • Attempting to create multiple entries by changing twitter handles, having multiple personal accounts, using bot or farmed twitter accounts or by any other means will result in disqualification from this, and any future, incentives.


    Check out Vega Console (no wallet needed)
    Get a hosted wallet (quick start)
    Run your own Vega wallet

    on Vega

    Try it out in your browser with Gitpod
    Watch a video tutorial
    Read the API and tutorials - using Vega’s APIs, REST GRPC and GraphQL


    Register to take part in Fairground incentives
    Claim your tokens
    Check out the bounties