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Trading game details

gm Vegabonds! You’re invited to test out Perpetuals Gold.

This release is hot off the press so Bugs are expected!

Before Perpetuals can be made available for network upgrades, we need your assistance again! Immerse yourself, learn more about this type of derivative, and stand a chance to win — there are rewards worth 2500 $VEGA up for grabs!

Running until Tuesday, October 17th at 2:00 pm UTC, we will be conducting a referral and rewards game, this time on XAU/DAI-GOLD. You have 4 ways to win, join a referral set, create a referral set, have the highest weighted PNL or the highest average position.

To appear on those leaderboards, you'll have to enter a referral code to test out Vega's new referral system! But don't miss out on the chance to create one as well and get users to trade using your code!

The Browser Wallet, CLI Wallet and Desktop Wallet are the wallets that are compatible with this incentive, so please remember to use one of these three.

You can faucet DAI-GOLD using this form, and then wait for the team for the team to deposit TBA of DAI-GOLD, just one time, so be careful not to get liquidated and lose it all in one trade degen.

Referral CODES

Enter Referral Code - You will need to either create your own referral set or join a set created by another participant to take part in this incentive


Top Referral Set - The set with the highest notional volume on the DAI-GOLD market.

This leaderboard tracks Notional volume for each created referral set. The prize of which will be given to the creator of the referral set.

PositionPublic keyRewards
1e6e60d495bc5adb089abc07b07551bbc29e65da4f6d54a6e5a5e853d9ea4bc34300 VEGA
21be2d772d8167a5d53dcbb1086213f1d4b72f43f3d151cf8f6da781e5d5d3064250 VEGA
35938c1e2822ff086d85af1e9168df616913c26a17779a2339a9e94c55cf1aa77150 VEGA
45ce1e8aa2a612cd79f5ab8c87915aafdec80f8ed0466575c9913ddbf5c804e61100 VEGA
5b794b21010e092ca5c8667a7ac191417728ac3ec25b248f9f9beb07de783e70a100 VEGA

*Please note that if you have not linked your public key to your twitter ID which is described here, by the end of the incentive at the latest, you will not be receiving any reward.

Referral Sets with at least 1 User

This leaderboard will show all referral sets with at least 1 user. The creator of each referral set that qualifies (ie has at least one user and is in the top that is in the top 30 referral sets with the most notional volume) will be entered into a raffle of 100 VEGA each.

Raffle of 5 users - get 100 VEGA each
fde7afc8cb29f7fe33f811ee22a00d2adc9c9dbf779f131336fcd7fa9f9a0101100 VEGA
f7e9ea9ab2e3a0a6ec1d83b23493590bb074acc29ce28a1046a8ea024fbe2f32100 VEGA
e17ee9158e6e01eaa65ea25671fb317712bfdcbad14063401213f5fd641c084a100 VEGA
48ec157652339040b3c973ee0d719a975d7b0563b6a0eb5f1d18ac1a492f22f7100 VEGA
5f40678a018c78a1b886c62036b616a2b68d877414bf7a1a62e5da1ec1edd6f2100 VEGA

This leaderboard can be found here!

Traders in the Market with highest weighted PnL

The participant who has the highest weighted pnl in the entire market during each epoch will receive DAI-GOLD from the reward pool each epoch, which current can be tracked in ledger entries in portfolio, the one's that has received the most at the end of the incentive wins.

PositionPublic keyRewards
1e9455e07ad13fbed5ee52112683afac9d3477ab1514fd6428caee4189d6e2dd2-250 VEGA
2ef701556afe8e7ac8d8ecfacc72e5a9a8c49e31b77689e335639a2ca24499974125 VEGA
32d88772120395b1436fdcfea65d0b7e4f7b680243c4bd1e35ac769f75676247675 VEGA
4b659880f185eedf4f53e0a1688bf3d03c224177feb2d726b2f4b12ddd94da30d50 VEGA
58dec5a4e317eff3f47fe078cbe349b4bfc1371a211ae5b73946ba53d6280f98f50 VEGA

This leaderboard can be found here! And the reward transfer can be found here!

Traders in the Market with Largest average positions (in size)

The participant who holds the average in largest trades wins! Note, the reward pools checks the average position size over 3 epochs, every epoch users then receive DAI-GOLD from the reward, which current can be tracked in ledger entries in portfolio, the ones' that has received the most at the end of the incentive wins. So make sure your keeping those trades open anon!

PositionPublic keyRewards
119a6e39bdd081b7dea86534d75ec7c1124d1e6932a6e9863951f75acbc690631250 VEGA
22d88772120395b1436fdcfea65d0b7e4f7b680243c4bd1e35ac769f756762476125 VEGA
3d8ea0c414d7d500e6b02a51ff4b86acd6c3ddd3cf4695b41723a7b2324dc3bdd75 VEGA
41be2d772d8167a5d53dcbb1086213f1d4b72f43f3d151cf8f6da781e5d5d306450 VEGA
5b659880f185eedf4f53e0a1688bf3d03c224177feb2d726b2f4b12ddd94da30d50 VEGA

This leaderboard can be found here! And the reward transfer can be found here!

By competing in a lifelike market for a share of the VEGA incentives, you’ll learn about Vega and find out first-hand what it’s like to trade on Vega markets.

In addition to the trading game incentive, we would highly appreciate any bugs or suggestions of improvements to the console to be submitted on github discussions.

The project will also benefit from all the data created, metrics collected, and feedback received, which will help develop and improve the protocol. If we’re really lucky and something goes wrong we might even find and fix some bugs!

How to participate in the incentive game

    All participants

    In an effort to simplify the process of sign up, we have made this NEW form that will guide you through the process and also faucet you DAI-GOLD!

    Once completed the form:

  1. Wait for the transfer.
  2. Create a referral code and share it in the #testnet-general channel on Discord and or in your incentive tweet.
  3. Use one of your friends referral codes or access #testnet-general on Discord and enter the referral code on the Referrals section on Console.
  4. Start trading on the XAU DAI-GOLD market using the Console or API. Make sure to try out Browser and CLI wallets!
  5. Look for your Vega public key on the leaderboards. Make sure you end up at the top of the leaderboard in order to collect your reward!
  6. For feedback please use github discussions so that we can track it and follow up.

Please note that the following instruction is for testnet only! If you are using a local CLI wallet, you are required to run version v0.73.0 or later and for the Browser Wallet (Chrome, Firefox). You can download the appropriate wallet by following these instructions.

Market details

Market details will be visible through Vega Alpha Console and APIs.

All announcements for this market will be made via the Vega Protocol Twitter account @vegaprotocol so make sure you follow to stay up to date.


After 28th October 2023, winners will be able to get a token claim link by logging onto the token rewards website with the Twitter account used to register for Fairground Incentives (this is the Twitter handle on the list above). You will be asked to confirm your country of residence - unfortunately, those in restricted countries will not be able to claim tokens.

This is a unique, one time use link, and not specific to any individual so it can be used by anyone to claim tokens. Please treat it with the same security as you would a token. Unfortunately, Vega cannot rectify any mistakes, lost links, or links that have already been used. You know the drill!

All tokens have a linear vesting. All tokens, either locked or vested, can be staked on the Vega network once it is live.

Further information

All announcements for this incentivised period will be made via the official Fairground Twitter account @VegaFairground so make sure you follow to stay up to date. This includes changes, updates and early closing of the period.

Check out the Terms and Conditions for information related to all incentives.


  • Breaking things is encouraged! Tell us how you broke them and we may give you a tip if it’s found to be a critical bug. Demonstrate exactly how to reproduce it here. Include screenshots/code snippets in as much detail as possible to help iron out these bugs.
  • The Vega project reserves the right to not reward participants that are not participating in the community spirit of the incentive programs i.e. botting to collect as many rewards as possible or using an exploit to win an incentive.
  • In the event of unforeseen issues and/or a network crash (or essential reset) we will either restart the event OR track and reward those that participated successfully. The course of action will depend on the unforeseen issue. If you miss out, don’t worry, there are many more incentives planned for the coming weeks and months.
  • Attempting to create multiple entries by changing twitter handles, having multiple personal accounts, using bot or farmed twitter accounts or by any other means will result in disqualification from this, and any future, incentives.


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Watch a video tutorial
Read the API and tutorials - using Vega’s APIs, REST GRPC and GraphQL


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