Mainnet Sims #1

Status: Winners Announced!

Trading on Fairground using Vega-created trading bots

Welcome frens to the Mainnet Simulations! The final testing rounds before launching Alpha Mainnet are here and this is YOUR chance to TAKE PART! The Mainnet Sims will run in 4 steps and each will have multiple trading incentives running in parallel.

How to participate in the mainnet sims

    New users:

  1. Create a Vega Wallet, you can choose to use Desktop, or the CLI version (make sure your wallet is connected to the fairground network). Show Video
  2. In case you do not accept to import networks when you install you might end up with red dots at the bottom of the wallet as the image below shows, in which case Click here

    I. Click the upp arrow in the wallet

    II. Go to manage network

    III. Click add network

    IV. Copy the following text in the "URL or path" field. Choose the name, e.g. fairground and press import.

    V. Make sure the network you imported is chosen in the dropdown, restart the wallet.

    VI. After you have restarted the wallet you should now see the green dot in front of Wallet Service.

  3. Register your wallet and Twitter ID, you can check if you are already registered here. Show Video
  4. I'm taking a ride on @VegaFairground PUBKEY SIGNEDMESSAGE #VegaFairground
  5. Join Discord (optional but recommended) and follow the @vegaprotocol Twitter account.
  6. All users:

  7. Earn 10% extra and bring your frens to the Mainnet Sims by completing this form! If you’re not interested in the referral program continue directly to the registration form. Show Video
  8. Like and retweet the mainnet sims tweet. Remember, the more users that take part, the higher the reward pool.
  9. Add Ethereum Sepolia Test Network to your wallet (e.g. Metamask) and request Sepolia Eth here or here.
  10. Start trading on Console or via the API. Show Video
  11. *Note - A very strict Sybil account policy is in place to ensure that the Community receives the fairest treatment for the Mainnet Sims! Feel free to hit us up on Discord if you notice that something is not quite right. If you are found guilty of using Sybil accounts, all of your accounts will be banned and any rewards removed. This Incentivised Activity Notice supplements our Fairground Terms and Conditions which can be found at terms and conditions.

These simulations will allow 'real market makers' to integrate their existing strategies with Vega and replicate market conditions and trading scenarios that are expected on Vega's mainnet. Read more about the Mainnet Sims and their importance to the success of the Vega network on the blog.

Mainnet Sims #1 will run from Tuesday 31st January 10 am UTC until Monday 6th February 10 am UTC. There will be multiple games that you can take part in and win $VEGA.

Funds for trading will be sent to all participants on a daily basis (TUE-SUN), around 10:30 am UTC, we might add some extra transfers during the day for late registrations but make sure to register early in order to be sure. If you have a bad first trading day and get REKT, don’t worry, you will have many more chances to win $VEGA.

There is a referral scheme - inviting friends both increases the overall prize pool and whatever your frens win, we match 10% of that and give it to you! That’s correct: the total reward pool scales with the amount of users that join each Mainnet Sim so all your frens can make it!

It is important to note that you are required to participate as well and appear in the weekly PNL leaderboard in order to qualify.

For each user (up to 300 max) that joins the weekly PNL leaderboard, 50 $VEGA is added to the total reward pool; more users can still join but the pool will not increase after 300. However, if the number of users is below 100, the total reward pool will not go below 5000 $VEGA.

The total reward pool for Sim #1 will range from 5000 $VEGA up to 15000 $VEGA, depending on how many users participate. Check the reward breakdown below:

*For more details on how the rewards structure works, head to this page.

The Winners for sim1 has been announced with bonus rewards for active participation!

View the winners

Competition% of Total reward pool100 users200 users300 users
Best Weekly PNL60300060009000
Best Daily PNL #11050010001500
Best Daily PNL #21050010001500
Best Weekend PNL20100020003000
Total Reward Pool ($VEGA)10050001000015000
Detailed Description

Weekly PNL:

A weekly trading game measuring PNL (profit and loss) will be running from Tuesday 31st January 10 am UTC to Monday 6th February 10 am UTC when the market gets terminated. The market will thereafter be settled using Coinbase Price Oracle for determinig the settlement price which will finalize the leaderboard (should take around 30 minutes).

Up to a total of 9000 $VEGA

View LeaderboardDetailed Description

Daily PNL:

Two daily trading games that will be running each for 24 hours. The PNL of each account will be measured during this time frame.

The first will run through Wednesday 1st February 10 am UTC to Thursday 2nd February at 10am UTC (view leaderboard).

The second will run through Thursday 2nd February 10am UTC to Friday 3rd February 10am UTC.

Up to a total of 1500 $VEGA per Daily PNL

View LeaderboardDetailed Description

Weekend PNL:

A single weekend trading game, measuring PNL (profit and loss), will be running from Friday 3rd February 10 am UTC to Monday 5th 10am UTC when the market gets terminated. After the termination of the market it will settled using Coinbase Price Oracle for determinig the settlement price, which will finalize the leaderboard, (should take around 30 minutes).

Up to a total of 3000 $VEGA

View LeaderboardDetailed Description

FRENS BRING YOUR FRENS! Earn 10% extra when you bring your frens to the Mainnet Sims!

Extra Resources

If you are having issues setting up the Vega wallet, we've got you covered! Watch the video below, where Madalina from the Vega team steps through the whole setup process in detail.


  • Breaking things is encouraged! Tell us how you broke them and we may give you a tip if it’s found to be a critical bug. Demonstrate exactly how to reproduce it here. Include screenshots/code snippets in as much detail as possible to be eligible for a tip.
  • The Vega project reserves the right to not reward participants that are not participating in the community spirit of the incentive programs i.e. botting to collect as many rewards as possible or using an exploit to win an incentive.
  • In the event of unforeseen issues and/or a network crash (or essential reset) we will either restart the event OR track and reward those that participated successfully. The course of action will depend on the unforeseen issue. If you miss out, don’t worry, there are many more incentives planned for the coming weeks and months.
  • Attempting to create multiple entries by changing twitter handles, having multiple personal accounts, using bot or farmed twitter accounts or by any other means will result in disqualification from this, and any future, incentives.


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