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Two caps one mate!

Until Friday 8th Mar 11 am UTC, we will be running the Two caps one mate trading games on our Fairground testnet. Two caps one mate once again takes advantage of some of the new functionality on Vega, mainly setting a cap to the maker fees paid which makes the reward you can receive dependent on how much you have paid in fee's. Everyone will be required to use the latest browser wallet and create their own solo team on Fairground.

Within each market, there can be several reward pools for users in teams, so make sure to check the games page on Fairground console, or the Fairground rewards page in order to see the current active rewards, expect them to change during the incentive. The team rankings are determined by these rewards.

There is high leverage and low liquidity on the market so be prepared for it to be volatile. As for the rewards they have a cap, so for maker fee's paid you can earn maximum of 1:1 of what you paid in maker fees for that epoch, as for the other rewards you can earn a maximum 50x of what you paid in taker fees the calculation is as follows:

min(calculated_reward_in_quantum, cap_reward_fee_multiple × fees_paid_this_epoch_in_quantum)

In order to qualify for the incentive, you will need to retweet the incentive tweet, use the browser wallet, use isolated margin and have your own Lone Wolf team.

Please note that the following instruction is for testnet only! For the Browser wallet you will need to run the latest Browser Wallet v0.21.0 (Chrome (To upgrade you can right click on the extension and choose manage extension and update), Firefox) (To upgrade you can right click on the extension and choose manage extension and check for updates). You can download the appropriate wallet by following these instructions.

How to participate in the incentive games

  1. Follow Vega protocol on twitter. Like and retweet the incentive tweet.
  2. Unless you have done so before, register using the form! Remember to store your secret passphrase!
  3. Join Discord and follow the @vegaprotocol Twitter account.
  4. Creat or Join a team!
  5. Start trading using on the markets with rewards in Console or API.
  6. End up at the top of the team leaderboards in order to collect your reward!

Please note that the following instruction is for testnet only!

If you want to see the active reward pools here.


The following is the reward structure for the incentive games, 1200 $USDT in total.

Creator of the Highest ranked teams! You can create a team here

Team Ranking

PositionPublic keyRewards
1072d194346caf0cfa53dfd137c07da4c5133ee57cb0964627691bb3305d523b7175 USDT
230870aab131d2c1f34d107dfe3e21295b23bdbdd8cf744de318226a468be8c3b150 USDT
3f89c42f37469e4cd5c19254fbf37f5288b08d5c59ce0dfb642b17cc3966499c3100 USDT
4ae5699e6942c3697b13f4c0897a7524ab9df065ef733dd1a704b923844c6233e75 USDT
56417cf4dca5ceae0beda7913cbb5a2a24f87afc7d54ad88473db7b35dbd4f08875 USDT
6e274a13b173c46471952697fc8cdbb264acad27620adba390bd1567c8aa2e2a950 USDT
74df8053b28fd69131240f468aa481327585f5f1cadcc2e15413c59240eb5b23250 USDT
8c80373f144651ebf161c112beb7fa0157d03001d87ebba788e765977bc52737850 USDT
943becaf272dce844fb1c5980f9990ae7aafd58be936f74c1f19523121439fefa50 USDT
10e9584b81befef4ba5ffdbae708dabd879b3c9c62d0cd0d41e17647ed94f4cf1350 USDT
11e1402dc9f12fc80d9168d0ed40fc2aed9705fac9b75723a6212d5046b6ec422325 USDT
12ea28b79d5a29b1e7630809adc578f343a1a050c12088af316a4b8771df1f9d4325 USDT
13a98edbdd7bf6522faf478e0e5851f14284afde22b67dc38d01ca48cd0b8be24c25 USDT
14a0614d77d9961adc8a10537a76abe6c602655dc16313eb1691db20ea7b4e877d25 USDT
15e4e49b04e506c3ae43f38be1529e9f02d3fb14f6f797a66cac2f67334fce07fd25 USDT
16a93960842ffccdd2652d7e23861ad41643d67b1e0e8ff26b61302d3d7990932f25 USDT
17deb93af569474ae0d1b05c2fe83def238e4545be72778139c67df7c2af855fc225 USDT
18ddcdc295ddb6491d30642f1ea1f1e590815a09db654cded6b410559c5ee4415925 USDT
199328e20096748439730f90df31c7b19f396d872bf55bb873eea3cb904bd2a65425 USDT
207b87af8af24b0804f85f75ad7c632c790fd71b4d3dda422eb07432e5925d7e5c25 USDT
214593953fa4589ab0aaebbc95b740a57a5a1696d477f26bd682c559f019b4de1a25 USDT
22fb27dbcef7d9bbbc54225eb9a615bb0fc4261bd1b6499deae538be5c099960ed25 USDT
23e0d181011ea609f4a578911e0584f50df1dd16f230a67b4dd10da0a2baa8865025 USDT
24af03b124d4faff2491a63b02189eaeac81976f2abda55cb68c35f4648d1dc71425 USDT
2560cad1a792d253f923db1ed7527d3d3d206a9ca0110af1d833a39cbbd18be34525 USDT

By competing in a lifelike market for a share of the VEGA incentives, you’ll learn about Vega and find out first-hand what it’s like to trade on Vega markets.

In addition to the trading game incentive, we would highly appreciate any bugs or suggestions of improvements to the console to be submitted on github discussions.

The project will also benefit from all the data created, metrics collected, and feedback received, which will help develop and improve the protocol. If we’re really lucky and something goes wrong we might even find and fix some bugs!

Market details

Market details will be visible through Console and APIs.

All announcements for this market will be made via the Vega Protocol Twitter account @vegaprotocol so make sure you follow to stay up to date.


By the end of March, winners will be getting their tokens on the vega pubkey they were participating with in the incentive. You can see the tokens by going to the console or the governance website.

Further information

All announcements for this incentivised period will be made via the official Fairground Twitter account @VegaFairground so make sure you follow to stay up to date. This includes changes, updates and early closing of the period.

Check out the Incentive Terms and Conditions for information related to all incentives.


  • Breaking things is encouraged! Tell us how you broke them and we may give you a tip if it’s found to be a critical bug. Demonstrate exactly how to reproduce it here. Include screenshots/code snippets in as much detail as possible to be eligible for a tip.
  • The Vega project reserves the right to not reward participants that are not participating in the community spirit of the incentive programs i.e. botting to collect as many rewards as possible or using an exploit to win an incentive.
  • In the event of unforeseen issues and/or a network crash (or essential reset) we will either restart the event OR track and reward those that participated successfully. The course of action will depend on the unforeseen issue. If you miss out, don’t worry, there are many more incentives planned for the coming weeks and months.
  • Attempting to create multiple entries by changing twitter handles, having multiple personal accounts, using bot or farmed twitter accounts or by any other means will result in disqualification from this, and any future, incentives.


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